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  Brason Paranormal Investigation was founded by Nesha Shillington and DJ Von Bank after the sudden passing of Nesha's  beloved husband Bruce. Like most of us Nesha and her husband's nephew DJ were looking for answers during that most difficult time. As time drifted slowly away so did the pain and with their loss they gained a new purpose.

  Through paranormal research Nesha and DJ formed an even stronger bond bringing Nesha's son Skylen on the team. Brason Paranormal Investigation was born but still needed to grow. Nesha added her long time friend Kimberly Taylor and her husband (myself) Gregory Miterko to Brason in 2016. With the addition of Kim and Greg an even bigger purpose was coming to life.

  Bringing understanding and compassion has always been BPI's motto but the team realized there was more to be done. Brason needed to share what they were doing with the world and that's exactly what they are going to do. Their new show "The Brason Files" will be available on youtube in the summer of 2017 and the crew couldn't be more excited.

  Bruce this would have never been possible without you so from the bottom of my heart thank you. Physically we've never met but I know you are with us on all of our investigations, so thanks again for watching over us. This is for the first member of our crew of 6, Bruce Shillington.

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